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Megobari on Sretenka

10 July 2023
Megobari on Sretenka
At the beginning of the summer of 2023, the third Georgian wine bar Megobari opened on Sretenka.

The wine list is entirely composed of Georgian items - more than 80 items from all regions of Georgia. In addition to wine, the bar offers chacha, Georgian cognacs and cocktails based on chacha and homemade liqueurs.
The cocktail menu from Nikolos Mirtskhulava includes twists on classic cocktails with the addition of chacha, chacha liqueurs and Georgian distillates, as well as signature cocktails based on other alcoholic drinks. A special place in the bar menu is occupied by “carousels” of chacha infusions.
The new bar has two levels: 50 seats on the ground floor, a small year-round veranda with 20 seats. And in the cozy loft-style cellar there are 50 seats and a separate hidden VIP room for 20 seats.