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Guliani Group – A restaurant holding company developing the traditions of Georgian hospitality in Moscow and Tbilisi

«Guliani Group is a restaurant group that develops the traditions of Georgian hospitality in Georgia and beyond. The group includes restaurants and Georgian shops "Odzhakhuri", wine bars Megobari, as well as cafes Tsomi, Kulinari and "Khinkali House"; Shushabndi Restaurant, Suzie Wong Bar, Mochi Café and Luciano

Gurami Oniani
Guliani Group founder

Each Guliani Group place offers a new take on Georgian food. For example, Tsomi is the first Georgian fast casual cafe where you can enjoy four top dishes of Georgian kitchen. There is a lot of singing and dancing in the family restaurants "Ojakhuri". And in the Megobari bars, the wine list consists entirely of Georgian wines.

Ресторан Guliani

We know what authentic Georgian cuisine is all about. We meet every guest with an open heart. And we do our business with soul.

At the same time, opening a new restaurant or cafe, we think not so much about surprising, but rather about creating a place where you will be eager to come back again and again. Every Georgian knows that a guest is a great happiness, so in Guliani Group restaurants you will find not only delicious homemade food cooked by family recipes, but also an atmosphere of sincere hospitality. That's why we chose the word "guliani" for its name, which translates as "heartfelt, soulful".»

"Khinkali House" is the first project of Guliani Group, which opened on Berezhkovskaya embankment in 2011. Later from this project a chain of Ojakhuri restaurants was born. The brand " Khinkali House " continued to develop in the format of fast-food cafes, working in the food court area in shopping malls. "Khinkali House" is one of the first restaurants of Georgian cuisine, which has moved away from the traditional Georgian interior, focusing on enjoying time and delicious cuisine. The first floor served as a cafe where you could drop in at lunchtime for a quick snack. On the lower floor with soft seats you could have dinner, celebrate any occasion and spend time with friends and family. Another feature of the project was that the entire chef staff was brought in from Georgia. At the head of the cooking team was Georgian khinkali champion Ucha Georgberidze and his son.
In 2013 the first restaurant of a new chain of Georgian restaurants "Ojakhuri" opened in Khimki. In 2014 a restaurant was opened in Korolev, and in 2015 the flagship restaurant of the chain on Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya was opened. Ojakhuri restaurants are large family restaurants built like a large Georgian house with several halls, ideal for banquets and small companies. The menu of the restaurants includes traditional Georgian dishes prepared by Georgian chefs. Singers sing every evening and there are performances on weekends.
In 2014, the first fast-food concept from Guliani Group – Khinkali House – was launched in the food court area of the Vegas shopping center.
It was probably the first place in Moscow where they managed to combine traditional Georgian recipes and modern cooking techniques, which made it possible to increase the speed of food delivery many times over without losing the taste and quality of the food.
In September 2016, the first Ojakhuri Georgian shop was opened at Usachevsky market, giving start to a new direction of Guliani Group's restaurant business. In four years of operation the new chain has added seven more spots. Ojakhuri Georgian shops are almost a full restaurant menu, but at a lower price. You can eat the dishes right there on the spot or take them home with you. The entire menu is served instantly. The most popular, of course, is the Georgian lavash shoti, which is baked in the tandoori.
In 2016, a new chain of culinary cafes with a restaurant area – Kulinari – was launched. This project allows guests to buy take-away dishes, have a snack in the cafe area, or have dinner in the restaurant area. The focus of the cuisine here is on traditional Georgian dishes and pastries. At the moment there are two spots: on Kutuzovsky and Michurinsky avenues.
In 2017, Mochi, a small take-away cafe with Japanese and pan-Asian cuisine, opened in Tbilisi. Mochi is the leader in Japanese cuisine delivery in Tbilisi.
In light of the growing popularity of Georgian cuisine and especially Georgian wines in Russia, the first Georgian wine bar Megobari opened in Moscow in 2018.
The distinctive feature of this project is that the entire wine list is composed only of Georgian wines, and the kitchen emphasizes a relatively new variety of Adjarian khachapuri with cleaned dough and a thin crispy crust.
At the moment there are already two bars open. The first one works at 15 Maroseyka Street, and the second one was opened in the Dream Island theme park.
Guliani Group's first monoconcept, fast-casual cafe Tsomi, opened at DEPO in February 2019.
Tsomi – four main dishes of Georgian cuisine made of dough: Adjarian boats with cleaned dough, khinkali, chebureks and Tbilisi-style donuts with custard.
The start of the project was so successful that within a year five spots were opened all over Moscow.
In 2019 a restaurant of modern Georgian cuisine Shushabandi was opened in Tbilisi, which in the first months of its work has already received high praise among residents of the city and tourists from around the globe.
In 2020, the Suzie Wong bar with its DJ sets and signature cocktails card was opened in Tbilisi.
Lucciano - Italian Fast Casual Café. "Lucciano" transports diners to Italy with its fast-casual dining concept, serving up artisanal pizzas and pasta dishes in a casual environment.

Sumodze, Miso, Mr. Lee, Hanoi - Asian Fast Food.These Asian fast-food joints provide a quick and convenient way to enjoy a variety of Asian flavors without compromising on taste or quality.
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