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Ojakhuri in Gorki

20 January 2021
Ojakhuri in Gorki

A new Georgian culinary shop Ojakhuri, from Guliani Group, opened at Rublevsky Privoz market with a renewed design.

As in all other shops of the chain, here you can buy the variety of fresh Georgian pastries (Imeretian-style khachapuri, Mingrelian-style, achma, etc.), always hot Georgian lavash from tandoor, cold and hot snacks, khinkali, main courses, desserts, spices, sauces, home-made pickles and jams. For example, nourishing eggplant with nuts, assorted pkhali, original Georgian rolls or salad of crispy eggplants, pink tomatoes, cilantro, soft cheese, chili sauce, sunflower seeds and lavash croutons.

Besides traditional dishes, you can also order modern Adjarian boats with cleaned dough and thin crispy crust, like in Tsomi and Megobari: classic with egg and cheese, 4 cheese, with spinach, with chicken in cream sauce or with lobiani.

The wine list has over 40 positions of Georgian wines to fit any taste. At the bar you can order several sorts of chacha, Georgian beer and different interesting cocktails based on Georgian alcoholic drinks.

The design of the new shop is dominated by brown colors – a reference to the clay used to make traditional Georgian “ketsi” dishes and “kvevri” wine jugs. The blue colors symbolize the blue sky over Georgia and the water that feeds the soil and nature.

All meals can be eaten on site, in the cafe area or taken home with you.