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Georgian Fast-Food

About Georgian fast food

"Khinkali House" is the first Georgian fast food place in Moscow. It was created for those who love Georgian tastes but don't want to wait too long for their food. The main know-how of the cafe is a special method of khinkali making which takes only two minutes to make them in "Khinkali House". Recipes for that were developed by Ucha Giorgberidze, two times champion of Georgia in khinkali making, and his son Boris.

The menu includes not only khinkali but also chebureks, khachapuri, traditional Georgian salads and soups. Here we have managed to combine the speed of serving dishes just like in a fast-food restaurant, but the entire production cycle takes place in front of people's eyes in the open kitchen. This may be the first Georgian fast food presented on the food court.

Khinkali House, Vegas shopping mall
MKAD, 24th km, 1