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Restaurants of traditional Georgian cuisine

About tasty Georgian feast and live polyphony

Ojakhuri is a well-known Georgian dish of potatoes and fried meat. But the word also means "family, homemade". Ojakhuri has the atmosphere of a large and hospitable Georgian home and the walls are decorated with portraits of owners' famous relatives. Moreover, families work here in the literal sense of the word. For example, those responsible for khinkali are the champions of Georgia in making them - Ucha Giorgberidze and his son Boris.

The large menu offers a full variety of Georgian cuisine. But the brand-chef Badri Lemonjava often organizes special gastronomic festivals during which he presents modern author's interpretations of traditional dishes.

Every evening there is live music in "Ojakhuri" and at weekends there are performances of professional Georgian dancers.

All the restaurants of the chain are perfect for banquets, weddings and corporate events.

Ojakhuri, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya
Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya street, 22, building 1
+7 (495) 621-60-02
Ojakhuri, Khimki
Molodezhnaya, 6
+7 (495) 793-14-77
Ojakhuri, Korolev
Koroleva Avenue, 6g
+7 (495) 544-24-73