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Panasian Bar


About cocktails and trendy music

Suzie Wong is a format exclusive to Tbilisi that combines Asian food, bar and music. The concept of DJ-Bar, which allows you to enjoy quality music and try unusual drinks in combination with pan-Asian food, has become a unique place on the bar map of the city, which can compete with many foreign places.
Andrey Goncharenko and Maxim Ezhov – the pupils of the legendary City Space Bar in Moscow - are in charge of the bar. They discover new flavor combinations for bar guests and actively develop the hospitality industry in Tbilisi. Nikita Mamukov, a chef with many years of experience, is responsible for the gastronomic component of the success, and another bar, Mochi, successfully operates under his supervision.
The bar is located in the trendy restaurant cluster – Wine Factory N1 in the center of Tbilisi.

Suzie Wong, Tbilisi
Vasili Petriashvili 1
+995 577-111-166