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About crispy Adjarian boats and donuts

Tsomi is implemented in a fast-casual format. In this concept we managed to achieve a high speed of cooking, while maintaining restaurant quality. Tsomi means "dough" in Georgian. The basis of the Tsomi concept is four main dishes of Georgian cuisine made of dough: Adjarian boats, donuts, khinkali and chebureks.

The most important place in the menu is taken by unusual Adjarian boats with a thin crispy crust and various fillings: from spinach and cheese to chicken in a creamy sauce. Inside the famous Tbilisi-style donuts there is custard: classic, lemon and chocolate. At Tsomi khinkali are made both classic ones with mixed meats and modern ones - with mushrooms and cheese. And crispy chebureks are filled with beef, pork, lamb or cheese.

Tsomi, “Depo” Food Mall
Lesnaya Street 20, building 3
+7 (968) 500-30-05
Tsomi, “Dream Island”
Prospekt Andropova, 1
Tsomi, Metropolis Shopping Center
16Ac4 Leningradskoe shosse
Tsomi, Leninsky Market
Leninsky Prospekt, 108A, building 1